Pop-A-Lock is The Woodlands and Conroe’s Trusted Team of Locksmiths

Thank you Montgomery County for the trust and confidence you have placed in us this past year. We look forward to serving all of your lockout and locksmith services in 2015. The Security ProfessionalsYou can count on us for:

  • Car Door Unlocks
  • Home Unlocks
  • Business Unlocks
  • Re-keying or Installing New Locks for Your Home
  • Re-keying or Master Keying Your Business
  • Making Keys for Your Car
  • Providing New Remotes for Your Car

We’re ready for 2015. Our courteous, professional, and quick response service is why we are your trusted team of locksmiths!

Happy New Year!

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Get a Second Opinion

If you went to the dentist with a simple tooth ache and the dentist informed you that 6 teeth would have to be extracted, would you maybe want to seek a second opinion? We home rekeywould hope that most people would.

So what if you are locked out of your house and without even attempting to pick the lock the locksmith immediately says the lock must be drilled and replaced with a new doorknob or deadbolt? A properly trained locksmith knows how to pick virtually all residential locks and resorts to drilling ONLY as a last resort. If a locksmith shows up and without even looking at the lock says the lock must be drilled, please call Pop-A-Lock for a second opinion.

We will respond quickly, evaluate the situation, and in virtually all cases will simply pick the lock open without damaging your lock or causing you to spend more money unnecessarily by replacing your lock. One more example why Pop-A-Lock of Conroe and The Woodlands is your most trusted team of professional locksmiths!

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PAL to the Rescue

It’s that time of the season again when temperatures begin to rise and we hear of increased PAL Saves Kidsincidences of children tragically losing their life trapped inside a hot, locked car. You hear it in the news. It happens more often than one may think.

Pop-A-Lock of Conroe and The Woodlands, through PAL Saves Kids, reminds you that should you accidentally lock your child inside a car, don’t panic. Call 911 first then call Pop-A-Lock. We prioritize this emergency call and respond quickly to unlock your car free of charge.

Pop-A-Lock is proud to offer this free community service to rescue children accidentally locked inside a car in The Woodlands and Conroe.

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Think Pop-A-Lock

Accidentally locked yourself out of your car or house?

Lost a key?Pop-A-:ock

Accidentally locked your child inside a vehicle?

Need to install new locks for your home or business?

Need to re-key existing locks?

Need a spare car key?

Call America’s most trusted team of locksmiths…Call Pop-A-Lock of The Woodlands and Conroe!

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PAL Saves Kids Rescuing Children Accidentally Locked Inside a Car

It happens more often than you may think. A child is accidentally locked inside a car. If this unfortunate situation should happen to you, Pop-A-Lock recommends you first dialPAL Saves Kids 911, then call Pop-A-Lock.

Last month for example throughout The Woodlands and Conroe, Pop-A-Lock, through our PAL Saves Kids program, rescued 2 children who had been accidentally locked inside cars. We are proud to provide this free community service.

You can depend on Pop-A-Lock to provide for all your lockout and locksmith needs for your car, home and business.

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Pop-A-Lock offers a secure portable safe

Pop-A-Lock of Conroe and The Woodlands is offering a portable safe using a biometric lockbiometric safe that can read up to 28 different fingerprints that you program. Manufactured by Stack-On Products, this secure and solid safe measures 11″ wide, 8 1/4″ deep and only 2 3/8″ high making its slim design suitable to comfortably fit under your bed, in luggage, most briefcases, and under car seats.

Features include

  • measures 11″ wide, 8 1/4″ deep, 2 3/8″ high
  • rubber touch pad
  • biometric lock that accepts 28 different finger prints
  • foam padded interior protects contents from scratching
  • case is designed to be secured with the included steel cable (1500 lb. test)

You can feel confident that your valuables and concealed carry firearms are safe and secure, whether in your home or on the go.

We are offering this safe to residents of Conroe and The Woodlands for $170 which includes shipping and applicable sales taxes. Ship to address restricted to the Conroe and The Woodlands area.

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Introducing PALSavesKids

Pop-A-Lock™ PALSavesKids™ FREE Program Rescues Over 350,000 Children Trapped In Automobiles PAL Saves Kids

Pop-A-Lock CEO Warns Of The Dangers Of Distracted Caregiving During This Labor Day Weekend

Pop-A-Lock™, America’s largest security company, today announced its PALSavesKids™ program has rescued over 350,000 children locked in their caregivers’ automobile for FREE.  The public service program reminds busy caregivers to be hyper-vigilant of their children’s presence during the hot summer months through a new call-to-action: PALSaves 1-Stop, 2-Look, 3-Lock.

“Our organization receives calls virtually every day about a child who has been mistakenly locked in the family car,” said Don Marks, CEO of Pop-A-Lock.  “In fact, more children die of heat stroke from being locked in a car, than are killed by forward-moving accidents which is a senseless tragedy.”  He added, “Please follow our PALSavesKids prompt and stop and look before you lock your vehicle, but if you forget, call Pop-A-Lock immediately, along with emergency services, and we’ll come open your car for free.”

PALSavesKids is a free community service program that was originally launched in 1991 under its former name, Emergency Door Unlocking.  Since that time, Pop-A-Lock associates have saved over 350,000 children across the country for free.  The program now includes a new call-to-action: PALSaves 1-2-3; 1-stop, 2-look, 3- lock, which is accompanied by a new mascot, the PALS Puppy.  The new mascot is a gentle reminder to parents to look before you lock your vehicle.

“We are so proud of our PALSavesKids program,” said Mr. Marks.  “It is such a natural thing to protect our children through the security services we’ve become expert in.  It’s just one of the ways we can give back in our communities.”

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Download Pop-A-Lock’s free smarthone apps for either Apple or Android

We have your app! Stay in touch with Pop-A-Lock, your trusted locksmith. You can download either the Apple or Android app, making it easy to connect with us and even easier for us to connect with you.

android_iconIf you use an Android smartphone, simply follow this link to download your free app


free-locksmith-app appleIf you use an I-Phone, simply follow this link to download your free app


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Avoid Scammers and Unlicensed “Locksmiths”

You know and trust Pop-A-Lock, so why risk calling anyone else? Whether you are locked out of your car, home or business, need your home or business re-keyed, or need new keysRob - class instruction and remotes for your car or motorcycle, Pop-A-Lock of The Woodlands and Conroe is your most trusted professional locksmith service provider.

The risks associated when calling a locksmith based on the lure of a cheap price is well documented in the recent ABC network program, “The Lookout”. To view this informative news story please follow this link: http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/business/2013/06/what-to-know-when-youre-locked-out-of-your-house-2/

There are many unlicensed, unqualified and poorly trained copy-cat locksmiths operating illegally in Texas. While imitation is the greatest form of flattery we continue to be amused at how many “companies” will illegally use various derivatives of the Pop-A-Lock name in their company name and slogans falsely attempting to ride our coattail.

Want to avoid the scammer trap? Follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Look for the required Texas Locksmith License number in the company ad
  2. Get a firm price quote up front
  3. Ask to see the technicians Texas issued locksmith license
  4. Get the price in writing before the work begins

Better yet, simply download Pop-A-Lock’s I-phone or Android app on your smart phone and make it even easier to always contact the professional locksmith you have learned to trust…Pop-A-Lock!!

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You’re the customer…it’s your choice who unlocks your car

Our customers have grown to trust the Pop-A-Lock name. They know when they call us they can always count on our quick response and competent, damage-free unlock service. But what if you are a member of a roadside assistance club and you call them for car door unlock service? Roadside assistance clubs subcontract their services to a third party and you as their customer can specify who they dispatch to take care of you.

Our loyal customers who happen to be members of a roadside assistance club specifically request that Pop-A-Lock provide the service. They prefer determining who actually shows up and delivers service.

As an alternative and to avoid unneeded additional wait times by going through a roadside assistance club who in turn must contact a service provider, you may consider contacting Pop-A-Lock first. In this case you receive service from the company you trust most and simply submit your receipt to your roadside assistance club for reimbursement. It should always be your choice. You’re the customer…choose the best…choose Pop-A-Lock of The Woodlands and Conroe.

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